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Your Feelings and What God Says About Them


Are you hurting; struggling with emotional, mental or spiritual pain?

We don't have to look very far to see that our children are hurting: Columbine, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, teenage suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse. Ask any school social worker and they will tell you that they are seeing children struggling with their emotions at younger ages every year.

This book was placed on my heart by God in early December 2012. It was birthed out of my own daughter's need in our very own home. But then the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting took place and I soon realized that this book was intended for so many more children than just my own.

Geared toward children ages 9 and up, this book is an A-to-Z, step-by-step guide on how to handle many of the emotions or problems our children may be facing, God's way, so that they can experience peace in their minds and hearts.

Writing this book was nothing less and nothing more than an act of obedience to write down what God was placing on my heart. God's love for our children is so profound and so very real, and He wants our kids to find peace and joy in their hearts and lives.

My prayer is that this book will help you conquer the negative emotions and feelings you and your children  may be struggling with and that your hearts will be filled with peace instead of pain.


     Your Feelings And What God Says About Them 

ISBN 978-1-935018-83-4 


     The Blame Game

ISBN 978-1-935018-87-2

"Julie is not only a gifted woman of God and author, she is a dedicated mother!  The topics she covers are applicable to every child and every family.  This helpful tool will not only encourage children but empower parents!" -Joshua Finley