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Are you hurting or struggling with emotional, mental or spiritual pain?

We don't have to look very far to see that our children are hurting: Columbine, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, teenage suicide, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse. The list goes on.

These books were placed on my heart by God in early December 2012. They were birthed out of my own daughter's need in our home. But when the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting took place, I soon realized these books were intended for all of us.

Geared toward children ages 9 and up, the Lord has used all of my personal experiences, faults, flaws, and sins, to make these books relatable to children. The topics discussed in these books are humorous at times, but they get the message across: don't do what I did. I can assure you, if I had this knowledge beforehand, I would not have made half the bad choices and mistakes I made in my own life.

What makes these books unique, is that they are step-by-step how-to guides. These books not only discuss the issues we face each day, they show us step-by-step, how to handle these problems God's Way.

Writing these books was nothing less and nothing more than an act of obedience to write down what God was placing on my heart. God's love for our children is profound and very real, and He wants us and our kids to have peace and joy in our hearts and lives.

My hope and deepest prayer is to help children turn to God instead of violence, drugs or other self-destructive behaviors. These books help our kids have peace in their hearts at a very early age.







     Your Feelings And What God Says About Them 

ISBN 978-1-935018-83-4 


     The Blame Game

ISBN 978-1-935018-87-2

"Julie is not only a gifted woman of God and author, she is a dedicated mother!  The topics she covers are applicable to every child and every family.  This helpful tool will not only encourage children but empower parents!" -Joshua Finley